Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Big Companies Do Not Care - Thanks for nothing @amazon @amazonhelp #consumerreports #amazon

I was accused of manipulating Amazon's review system (read here) with no proof or further discussion of the matter.

I was then accused of having a financial interest in the products I was reviewing (read here) with no proof or further discussion of the matter.

Then I was left in the dark, forgotten and ignored (read here).. Big companies truly don't care.

Standard response... No business wants their customers unhappy with service.... Even more standard... the lack of attention since the initial response. Essentially a "hey, we want to make it better, have you tried contacting us?" Of course I have, I have emailed, chatted, and called; never with someone who speaks good English but that is another matter all together. Yes, I've reached out to you with more tweets and emails than I care to count.

I want to know how I manipulated your review system Amazon.

I want to know what financial interest I had in the products I was reviewing Amazon.

What was it in one of my over 1700 reviews that caused me to get accused of these things? Did I break some rule of Amazon that I couldn't find in both the TOS and the FTC regulations?

I do not work with sellers and have no financial interest in anything.

I'd like to know where it is I went wrong. It can't be that difficult to explain to me where exactly I violated the rules of reviewing. They have had almost 2 weeks and have sent me numerous emails after their "appropriate teams" evaluated my situation. The documentation exists, please just tell me.

I will not go quietly, I demand answers. 


  1. You reviewed 1700 items in one year? Here's why you got wiped out:


  2. That doesn't explain anything other than the assumptions that people on amazon have about why people get wiped. I've seen people with 3000 product reviews get wiped right along with someone with 100. There is no where in Amazon TOS that says "you are limited on how many products you can review"... I used them all, I reviewed them all. I'm not asking for people to speculate on what happened, I want Amazon to give me a real answer.