Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amazon You Disappoint Me #letdown #noanswers #bigcompaniesdontcare #forgetthelittlepeople #bbb #noanswers

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The Better Business Bureau ("BBB") closed my case out as “Answered - the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied.”

Pretty honest statement there, "...the consumer remains dissatisfied." I do remain dissatisfied with the answers of Amazon or lack there of. I remain frustrated that a large company couldn't bother themselves with explaining what I did wrong, but was very quick to click a button and take the reviewing privileges away from me. 

Prior to being wiped from Amazon's review system I had heard of others being wiped, but knew that I was doing everything in my power to be compliant and felt safe. Despite doing everything wasn't enough.

At least if I had a specific statement from Amazon I could help others avoid the same problems that I had. Unfortunately I have no idea why I was wiped, where I went wrong, what I shouldn't have done, or should have done for that matter. I have no advice for any other reviewers out there other than do not bother trying to understand why you got wiped.

Amazon is wiping consumers from the reviewing process to prevent the manipulation of their review system. I respect that, but they are wiping people that aren't doing anything wrong. They aren't looking at EVERY account because if you check the top reviewers list there are MANY on there that are not following any protocol at all and remain active. I think this all stems back to the law suit that Amazon had last year where they were sued for their reviewing system and lost the case. They are retaliating by wiping accounts left and right.

Short of hiring an attorney to turn this into a legal battle, which really isn't worth the money it would cost to get an attorney, there is nothing I can do here.

Amazon... You disappoint me.


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  2. Read this carefully. It is a list of the most likely reasons to be banned from reviewing on Amazon: