Sunday, March 6, 2016

#Amazon replied... Even more #vague #review #consumer #amazonhelp

Last week I let the world know about my problems with Amazon's review moderation team. I got banned from reviewing and all my product reviews got "suppressed" and were wiped off Amazon all together. 

With over 200 views, a few retweets, and some Facebook I then took to Emails. I emailed every executive officer at Amazon that I could find (bout 21 or so). 

 I finally got a reply. 

The situation went from a glitch to an accusation of manipulation of the system and now an accusation of financial interest in the product. I'm not a seller, never have been. I'm not a review team admin offering products. The only financial interest I have is in myself. Being a single mom with two kids it was nice being able to spoil my kids for a while. It was nice having to not spend hundreds of dollars on beauty supplies. That's the only interest I have had in any of this. 

I will be pursuing this further. Stay tuned...

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