Friday, March 18, 2016

Amazon has the repeat button on repeat #nohelp #amazon #steadfast #reviews #bueller #consumer #BBB

Amazon still will not provide me a specific statement as to how I violated their Terms of Service ("TOS")...

I've emailed, called, chatted, blogged, and social media'd to the point of exhaustion... In case you haven't read my previous posts they are all right here for you to read... 1st Post2nd Post3rd Post4th Post5th Post6th Post, 7th Post

I literally am ignored from every avenue possible so I reached out to the Better Business Bureau ("BBB") to lend me their ear on the matter. It took a few days, but Amazon actually responded; well... let me re-phrase... they replied to the BBB complaint. 

In short...They are repeating what the last few correspondence stated; 

"As mentioned, we do not allow reviews on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the product. This includes authors, artists, publishers, manufacturers, or third-party merchants selling the product."

I'm a person, not a company and I have no financial interest in the products I review.
I'm not an author.
I'm not an artist.
I'm not a publisher.
I'm not a manufacturer.
I'm not a third-party merchant.

I repeat: I did not violate the Amazon TOS.

I responded as such to their email, I won't hold my breath for a response.

I will not give up, I will not go quietly.


  1. I think the keyword that is being missed here is privilege.

    Reviewing on anyone's site other than your own is exactly that... a privilege, not an inherent right.

    1. One that was taken from me without just cause.

  2. The fact that you are considering this a job shows your financial interest.

    Through advertising and selling reviewed products you are earning money, which is a corruption of the reviewer system.

    You are a paid reviewer that deserved to be banned from reviewing because you only cared about how it benefited you and not customers.

    There is no way you legitimately reviewed over 1700 items in a year.

    1. Says Sure there is. I have pictures and videos to prove it. Testing out products to make sure they aren't pieces of junk so that other people KNOW the truth about them benefits the customers, not only myself.

  3. Right below this box is a blurb that says "each click on the advertisements earns me a penny." Your blog is monetized; it is affiliated with the reviews you used to write for Amazon products. That is how you are violating Amazon's TOS. You also list AMZ Trader as a place to get freebies to review; the sellers who participate with AMZ Trader get members to do things that violate the TOS, such as add things to a wish list, click on super urls, etc. If you did anything with AMZ, it may have been what got you wiped. Lots of the recently wiped were affiliated with AMZ Trader. I'm sorry you lost your reviewing abilities, but the reasons why aren't difficult to see or understand. You'd be doing your readers a true service if you warn them against using coupon clubs like AMZ Trader, educate yourself about how coupon clubs and sellers manipulate gullible reviewers, and then share your knowledge through your blog.

    1. she is one of the gnats over on the amazon discussion board that likes to follow people around on the internet so she can run back over there and copy and paste what she finds on the amazon discussion board so all the little gnats can bad mouth people that they have no clue about. They are holier then holy