Monday, November 23, 2015

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I never thought that a ceramic knife could be sharper than a regular metal knife. Nor would I ever think that they could use ceramic in knife form. What I have found is that ceramic knives are some of the smoothest knives to use. They are best for almost every application, but remember they are ceramic. Being that it has a glass base (the ceramic material) if you bang the knife on something it could break. Keeping that in mind you are good to go with whatever it is you want to use it for. Each of these comes with a knife guard so you don't hurt yourself. This set also has a peeler that is ceramic too.

Elegana 10 Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set- 4 White Mirror Finish Kitchen Knives - Ceramic Peeler - Protective Blade Covers in Gift Box

This is yet another wonderful product I was given for free or at a really discounted price in exchange for an honest review. The list of companies I use to get deals just like this are here.

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