Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Amazon Profile Rank - What is it? #amazon #reviewer #igotitfree #deals #free

Everyone on Amazon.com has a profile page, the profile page also provides useful information such as your rank on Amazon. If you haven't reviewed any products you probably are in the millions for rank, if you have reviewed a lot of products you most likely are closer to the 90,000 to 999,999 range. If you are a top reviewer you are under 20,000. My current rank: 10,864

How to find your profile and rank: "Go to www.amazon.com, go to the “Your Account” tab i the top menu. Then click on the link for “Your Account” in the dropdown menu. Within the Personalization section, click on the link “Your Public Profile” which is under the “Community” category"

What does that rank number even mean? It means that out of the millions of people on Amazon who even both to write a review I am number 10,864 for helpfulness. While I have yet to figure out the algorithm they use to calculate that number I know that it fluctuates. Just yesterday I was at roughly 11,900.

How to increase your rank? Review more products... Review that laundry detergent you bought, the shirt you got your niece the other day, or the book you just read. Reviewing music doesn't help your rank any, but do it anyways. The more reviews you have on your profile shows sellers that you are willing to take the time to review products and not just receive them.

What do I include in a review? Include everything you may want to know about the product if you were buying it. Does it fit the product, do you like it's size, shape, color? Does it work well? Ultimately you want to give the who, what, when, where, and how. Include pictures or videos if you can too, sellers love that. Your review should always be no less than 75 words and no more than 300 words; not too sure, not too wordy. Also, never comment on the product packaging as Amazon doesn't like that. Always include a disclosure in your review if you got the product for free or for $0.01 or more.

Need a visual? [an actual review I did]

The more reviews you do the higher your rank goes. People can also mark your reviews as helpful (an upvote) or not helpful (a downvote).

Questions? Pop me an email: fouponlady@gmail.com

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