Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cute nursing cover! #savvybabynursingcover #reviews #tomoson #nursing

Nursing covers aren't a necessity persay, but in society sometimes you have to cover up. When that happens this is the nursing cover I'd go to. It has all the items I'd put into a nursing cover and the pattern is adorable.

  • Light weight material - thick enough to keep prying eyes out, but not too think to heat up the baby while nursing
  • Comfortable - the strap that goes around your neck is very comfy and easy to adjust even with just one hand
  • Viewing - you can view your little one and they can view you while nursing because of the light weight metal wire in the top of the cover
  • Color - this color is my favorite and it's very gender neutral
  • Nursing pads - this cover came with washable nursing pads too!

Nursing Cover - Breastfeeding Cover by SavvyBaby 

This is yet another wonderful product I was given for free or at a really discounted price in exchange for an honest review. The list of companies I use to get deals just like this are here.

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