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Dollar Deal Reviews - My review of a review site #reviews #dollardealreviews #free #amazonreviewer #reviews #igotitfree

Dollar Deal Reviews is a site for amazon reviewers to sign up to review products. These products are offered at $1.00 or less in exchange for your honest review of the item. A wonderful woman Renee runs the site and lines up high quality sellers that need reviews to boost their ratings on Amazon. Renee posts these deals on Dollar Deal Reviews for reviewers to purchase for free or discounted price.

The basics here are that you are given amazing products for free or $1.00 to review and all you have to do is leave a review of the item on Simple :) Here is a step by step process of how to use the Dollar Deal Reviews review site...

Signup: Signing up for Dollar Deal Reviews is very simple. Using this link head over to the site. And your home screen should look something like this. Mobile might be a tad different, but overall the same.

If you click the "join the dollar deal reviews family" picture it takes you to the price of membership. As a reviewer your account is 100% and if you are a seller you pay only $5.00 a month.

Back to that home screen... Along the top of your page you will see the following, click "Reviewers"

Scroll down about half way and enter in your information, agree to the terms of service, and click "Submit and Confirm"

Once you receive your confirmation email you can start signing up for amazing deals. 

Deals: The way this site works is they give you 200 "Deal Tickets." Each deal on the site is 100 Deal Tickets and you can spend them however you like. The price for the actual items varies and you must read the individual items to know what you will pay.
As you see here the "Teeth Whitening Strips" are $0.15 and will cost you 100 Deal Tickets to review while the "100 % Organic Shea Butter" is $1.00 and will cost you 100 Deal Tickets to review. If you were interested in paying $0.15 out of pocket for the whitening strips you would click the red "100.00 - DealTickets" button and it takes you to the confirmation page, then the voucher page. Here's an example of the voucher page:
This is where you order the item via the "Product URL" link on the bottom. That URL takes you to an product page for that item. Your purchase is done through and if you have Amazon Prime your shipping is free. You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime here (Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial).

After you make your purchase on you wait for your item to arrive and then use it and review it when you are ready. Typical turn around time is a few days for most reviews, supplements a few days longer. Once you have a good idea of what you want to say about the product you go back to under "Your Account" scroll down to "Your Reviews" 

This will take you to the list of all items you need to leave a review for. All items you purchase on Dollar Deal Reviews must be reviewed: that's how you get the product at such a low price. Here is what my review page looks like currently:
Click the appropriate star that you want to rate the item. With reviewing sites like this a 4 or 5 star is the goal and if you don't feel the product deserves that high of a rating than you should reach out to the review site and let the admin know. There is a good chance that you got a faulty product, it happens. 

Reviews: When writing your review always make sure to use at least 75 words and add a picture or two if you can. Not all items need a picture, but knowing what the product looks like when received is important for other buyers. At the end of every review you must leave a disclosure... If you got the item for free you must type (I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review). If you received the product at $0.01 or above you must type (I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review)

Here is an example of one I just typed:

After you click Submit you can then find the review listed under "Product Reviews Written by You" under the same account screen as the review option was:
At this screen you click "Permalink" on the item you want the review link for (important step). You want this permalink to submit to Dollar Deal Reviews in order to get your 100 Deal Tickets credited and be able to continue reviewing.

This is the screen you will see after clicking "Permalink"... The address in the address bar along the top is the permalink. Copy this link (selecting the address, right click on PC and click copy)

Return to Dollar Deal Reviews and submit your review permalink with these steps... First you must be logged in and then you click on "Dashboard" and are brought to this screen
Click on the blue link next to the item you are attempting to review and you are brought to the information screen. On this screen you click "Review Submission Form"
A Google Document is opened and will look like this... This is where you give them your information and the review link, then click submit.

After Renee checks over to make sure your review matches with the item you purchased she credits back your Deal Tickets so that you can keep reviewing. While every site may not have this many steps, they are all very similar to this. After a review or two through Dollar Deal Reviews it all becomes second nature and it's not as hard as it seems.

I like this site because of it's transparency. I've never had a problem getting a review verified and the admins are genuine people. Once you are part of their Facebook group you can interact with them on a level that most review sites do not permit. The items they offer are amazing too!

Few rules to go by: Honesty - always be honest about the product, No Reselling - it's against Amazon's rules to get an item for free and then resell it, period. Disclosures - always leave a disclosure that you got the item for free or discounted at the end of your review. Amazon has and will remove your entire Amazon account if you fail to follow the rules.

Happy reviewing!

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