Monday, August 24, 2015

Comfy ring sling (even for toddlers!) #mamawayus #reviews #reviewer #deals

 I've been a fan of baby wearing since my son was born. We tried the wraps and the carriers. While Ergo and Tula are my go-to for out and about I wanted to see if a sling was all it was cracked up to be. For those unfamiliar with "babywearing" it is the act of using a device to carry your child as close to your body as possible. It takes the stress off of your limbs and distributes the weight to your hips and back instead. Some carriers do a better job than others. This one in particular is the sling style. It has the standard large rings that help you secure each side of the material. The material is thin enough to allow air to flow in and out of and not make for a sweaty baby, but thick enough to support them. This one says its rated at over 100lbs, but I know it will hold the 40lbs that my son is. The material is comfy for me to wear and the sling idea gently cups his booty as he rests on my hip. I then have two free hands to do what I please as well as less pressure on my back. He gets the comfort of being close to mama as well.

For sizing purposes: I'm about a 14/16 in women's and this sling fits me great. My son is roughly 2.5 years old about 3' tall and 40lbs (ish).

This is yet another wonderful product I was given for free or at a really discounted price in exchange for an honest review. The list of companies I use to get deals just like this are here.

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