Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Water Bottle Infuser #infuser #healthy #reviews #fitness

Water is boring, right? Not anymore! 

Now you can put fresh fruits or veggies into your water and drink up the nutrients. Not only are you getting your water intake, but also the valuable minerals and vitamins from the fruits or veggies you choose. This makes it way easier to reach your water drinking goals and has a ton of benefits. This is a water infuser water bottle that I was given to review. I'm pretty impressed. It has no BPA chemicals in it, easy to figure out, very durable, and it's not super obnoxious to look at. If you don't feel like using the infuser part it doubles as a great sized water bottle too! You can purchase this MyInfuse Premium water bottle infuser on Amazon for $13.97


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  3. Very nice!! The Fruit Infuser is very large so it will hold lots of fruit. The lid snaps on very securely and is also slotted to keep ice in the pitcher when pouring. The clear plastic is nice so that you can see the colorful fruit!! Easy to take apart and clean!!!