Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Supplements, cell phone cases, iWatch accessories on sale now! #elitedealclub #deals #sales #apple

Elite Deal Club Deals - LIVE NOW - check them (and more) out here!

1.) Pure Daily Mutlivitamins by Pure Vitamin Club at 94% off!

2.) Wine Aerator Decanter with Waiters Corkscrew and Foil Cutter by Varvino at 95% off!

3.) Argan Oil - Virgin Cold-pressed Pure Oil From Morocco for Skin, Face, Hair, and Nails by Nadira Organics at 90% off!

4.) Cranberry Soft Gel Capsules by BRI Nutrition at 94% off!

5.) African Mango: Appetite Suppressant by Global Health Ideas at 90% off!

6.) Beard Oil by Smooth Viking at 94% off!

7.) Goat's Rue - Lactation Supplement to Increase Breast Milk Supply by Mother at 93% off!

8.) Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins by Le Fair at 87% off!

9.) Maximum Strength Resveratrol by BRI Nutrition at 95% off!

10.) Probiotic Plus for Mother and Baby Immune Support by Mother at 89% off!

11.) Functional Silicone Wedding Ring for Men by Fit Ring at 90% off!

12.) Extra Strength L-Carnitine Metabolism Booster by BRI Nutrition at 95% off!

13.) Silicone Ice Ball Maker by iPerfect Kitchen at 89% off!

14.) Anti-Aging Skin Serum by Le Fair at 93% off!

15.) Adjustable Speed Jump Rope by AMAZING CORE FITNESS at 84% off!

16.) Bodum & KONA French Press Replacement Filter Screen (2pack) by Simpleshield at 87% off!

17.) Maximum Strength Pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by BRI Nutrition at 95% off!

18.) Mother's Select Prenatal/Postnatal Multi + DHA by Mother at 87% off!

19.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Classic 8-inch Folio Case Cover Stand by Kyasi at 90% off!

20.) Apple Watch Case Rugged Protective Case with Strap Bands by i-Blason at 85% off!

21.) Heart Healthy L-Theanine Veggie Capsules by BRI Nutrition at 93% off!

22.) Premium Cholesterol Support Supplement by UltaLife at 91% off!

23.) Natural Male Performance Testosterone Booster by UltaLife at 93% off!

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