Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kangaroo's - Rubber Duck Baby Bath Toy - super cute! #rubberducky #bath #toy #reviews

Kangaroo's - Rubber Duck Baby Bath Toy (18-Pack)These duckies are adorable. My son loves when I get mail so I let him help me open up my package Immediately he says, "those duckies for me mama?" Yes!

He was so excited he took 2 of them immediately and wanted to take a bath so he could make his duckies swim. They float great and don't hold too much water. While I was bathing him my husky got a hold of another ducky and it withstood a good 5 minute play session before I could stop her. Great quality for a rubber ducky.

This is just another amazing product I received for free just for writing an honest review. I have a list of sites I review for here. You can sign up and review products too! 

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