Monday, June 29, 2015

Free or really cheap products just for a review! (bluetooth earbuds, selfie sticks, and even chalk markers) #reviews #deals #freebies

Ever wonder how bloggers can give away products? 

I did and after some research turns out it's not that difficult. 

There are organizations that give you pretty awesome products for free or really cheap, you purchase these items with promotional codes on Amazon. Your only task is to use the product and then leave an honest review. The purchases are all through Amazon and shipping is free with amazon prime.

I've gotten selfie sticks, blue tooth earbuds, supplements galore, and recently chalk markers. Selfie sticks are the new craze and my daughter just loved ours. The bluetooth earbuds work wonders when running or not wanting a cord dangling. The chalkboard markers write like dry erase pens, but with an awesome chalk finish. You can use the markers on windows, glass, cars, and dry erase boards. Plus, they wash off toddlers super easy (I know from experience).

There are way more companies out there that do this than you think. I have a short list here of the best ones I use. You don't have to be a blogger to do it either. 

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