Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FREE Clothes for kids and adults via Schoola - $50 worth of FREE clothes #schoola #free #clothes #moms #deals

Step One: Go to Schoola using this link (MUST use this link or the whole thing won't work)

Step Two: Create a collection (see picture)

Step Three: Follow the instructions to create a collection (see picture)
When you finish creating the colleciton you will see this in the middle of your screen ($10 credit)

Step Four: Click "Join / Sign In" (this is how you get the other $15 to spend)

Step Five : create a new account by clicking where it says Register Here (offer is good for NEW customers only)

Go and shop for whatever you want... add $50 worth of items to your cart. When you go to checkout you will see $25 in credits applied and FREE shipping... Then use code HALFOFF for 50% off. Making your remaining $25 balance ZERO!!

You MUST use this unique link or the whole deal will not work!

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