Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amazing books for toddlers! #usborne #books #toddlers #learning #usbornebooks

My son liked books... he liked to fling them across the room. So when my friend said, "check out Usborne books, my kids love them" I was skeptical. I ordered 3 books at first, in fear that they would be more missiles for the terrible 2's than actual reading material. To my pleasant surprise my son LOVED them. He now asks me to read to him all the time and only these Usborne books. I've yet to figure out the exact reason he loves them so much, but I'm not questioning it one bit!

So far he loves the following books:
  • Monkey Friends - he loves flipping the flaps over and seeing which friend is hiding
  • On the Farm - loves pointing out the different animals
  • Story of Baby Jesus - "look mama, baby Jesus, what baby Jesus doing" :)
  • 1000 Things That Go - every page is FULL of machines of every sort (I've actually learned from this book)
  • Toad Makes a Road - this is about a Toad needing a road and how that happens, "oh no mama truck can't go"... (when the truck has no road)
  • Busy Trucks on the Go - he likes to see the trucks doing different things
  • Mini Machines Box Set - this is a set of small books with super thick pages, each book is tied into the other
Interested in checking out what Usborne has to offer? Go to and look around. I guarantee you will find something amazing!
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