Monday, June 1, 2015

$25 worth of clothes SHIPPED to your door for FREE is back at Schoola!

This is for NEW accounts only. You can't use your computer to create multiple accounts either. So if you are a new customer do this (step by step) to get $25.00 worth of free clothing!

$25 worth of clothes SHIPPED to your door for 
FREE is back at Schoola!

Here's how to score this amazing deal!

1. Use this link to go to Schoola (this is how you earn you $15, yep just for clicking that link)
2. Are you on your mobile phone or tablet? - If so scroll all the way down and click "view full site" - If you are on a PC just click "new collection"

3. Follow the super easy 4 step process to create a collection. 

When you finish creating the collection you will see this in the middle of your screen ($10 credit)

4. Go shopping, add $25 worth of your favorite items to your cart

5. Once in the cart....Create a new account by clicking where it says Register Here (offer is good for NEW customers only)

6. After doing all that, check your email and you should have an email code (unique to you and you only) for 25% off your first purchase

7. Shipping is free on all orders over $25, so you don't pay shipping

8. You got $15 for using my link + $10 collection credit + 25% off + free shipping. Your total should be ZERO (aka FREE) [might include tax, California residents pay tax]

You may have to enter a credit card # even though the total is ZERO, this is just for processing and they will not charge you anything. The orders then take about 2 weeks to arrive.

You MUST use this unique link or the whole deal will not work!

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