Sunday, May 24, 2015

$25 free credit AND free shipping!!! (Limited time) #schoola

Step One: Go to Schoola using this link (MUST use this link or the whole thing won't work)

Step Two: Create a collection (see picture)

Step Three: Follow the instructions to create a collection (see picture)
When you finish creating the colleciton you will see this in the middle of your screen ($10 credit)

Step Four: Click "Join / Sign In" (this is how you get the other $15 to spend)

Step Five : create a new account by clicking where it says Register Here (offer is good for NEW customers only)

Go and shop for whatever you want. Add them to your cart and when you go to checkout you will see $25 in credits applied and FREE shipping!

PLUS, you will get an email with a 25% off coupon code (unique to you) and you can use that too!

You MUST use this unique link or the whole deal will not work!

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