Thursday, February 6, 2014

NEW Safeway JustForU coupons!!

Just For U eCoupons
$1 off
 Act product eCoupon
$1.50 off Advil film-coated item, 40 ct. + eCoupon
$10/2 Allegra allergy non-drowsy, 30 ct. eCoupon
$2 off Allegra-D allergy non-drowsy eCoupon
.50/1 Barilla Gluten-Free pasta eCoupon
.25/1 Barilla Plus pasteCoupon
.50/1 Barilla sauce eCoupon
.50/1 Barilla veggie pasta eCoupon
.25/1 Barilla white fiber pasta eCoupon
.25/1 Barilla whole grain pasta eCoupon
.75/2 Betty Crocker, frosting or baking mixes eCoupon
.50/2 Betty Crocker, Sunkist, Motts or Ocean Spray fruit snacks eCoupon
.50/1 Bisquick baking mix 20 oz + or Shake n Pour 10.6 oz eCoupon
.75/1 Blue Diamond fruit flavored or coffee almonds eCoupon
$1.35/2 Bob Evans refrigerated side dish eCoupon
.75/1 Cascadian Farm product eCoupon
.25/1 Clorox disinfecting wipes 35 ct. or flat pk. 34 ct. eCoupon
.50/1 Coca-Cola cans, 12 oz 20 pk. eCoupon
.50/1 Coca-Cola product, 20 oz eCoupon
$1 off Cortizone 10 product eCoupon
$1 off Country Crock Simply Delicious eCoupon
$1 off Country Crock spread, 45 oz eCoupon
.75/1 Crisco shortening eCoupon
$1.50 off Dasani Drops 1.9 oz or Powerade Zero Drops 3 oz eCoupon
$1 off Dasani product, 12 oz 8 pk. eCoupon
$1.50 off Degree Women Premium or Clinical deodorant, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Dove deodorant, excl trial size, Advanced Care and Men+Care eCoupon
.35/1 Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese, 5 oz + eCoupon
.50/1 fruitwater 16.9 oz or smartwater 700 mL eCoupon
$1/2 General Mills Cheerios cereals eCoupon
.75/1 General Mills Chocolate Toast Crunch cereal eCoupon
.75/1 General Mills Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar or Cranberry Almond cereal eCoupon
B2G1 Glade Wax Melts refills, max $4 eCoupon
$1 off Gold Bond Ultimate eCoupon
.75/3 Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper eCoupon
$1 off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Deliciously Simple eCoupon
$1 off I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spread, 45 oz eCoupon
$1 off Icy Hot pain relieving item eCoupon
$1/3 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts toaster pastries, 6 ct. + eCoupon
.50/1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese cups, 8.2-9.56 oz 4 pk. eCoupon
.50/1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Shapes, 5.5 oz eCoupon
.50/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip dressing eCoupon
.50/1 Kraft shredded cheese, 6-8 oz eCoupon
.50/1 Kraft Velveeta loaf, 32 oz eCoupon
.75/2 Larabar Alt bars eCoupon
$2 off Ling Ling product, max 56 oz eCoupon
$1 off Maxwell House instant coffee eCoupon
.75/1 method all purpose cleaner eCoupon
$1 off method bathroom cleaner eCoupon
.75/1 method dish soap eCoupon
$1 off method floor cleaner eCoupon
$1 off Milk-Bone dog snacks eCoupon
.50/1 Mountain High yoghurt, 32 oz eCoupon
$1/2 Nabisco BelVita breakfast biscuits, 8.8 oz + eCoupon
$1/2 Nabisco Snackwell's or 100-cal packs, 3.9 oz eCoupon
.50/2 Nature Valley granola bars 5 ct. +, thins, oatmeal squares or breakfast biscuits eCoupon
B1G1 Nutella hazelnut spread, 13 oz, max $4.29 eCoupon
$2/2 Oscar Mayer Butcher's Thick Cut bacon, 22 oz eCoupon
.50/2 Pillsbury crescent rolls eCoupon
$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough eCoupon
.40/3 Pillsbury refrigerated Grands biscuits eCoupon
.40/2 Pillsbury sweet rolls eCoupon
$1 off Pup-Peroni dog snacks eCoupon
$1.10 off Purina Beneful Healthy Smile dog snack eCoupon
$1/4 Purina Fancy Feast cat appetizers eCoupon
$1 off Purina Fancy Feast dry cat food eCoupon
$1/18 Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys cat food eCoupon
$1/6 Purina Fancy Feast Mornings cat food eCoupon
$1/24 Purina Fancy Feast wet cat food eCoupon
$1/6 Purina One wet cat food, 3 oz eCoupon
.50/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, 4 ct. + eCoupon
$2 off Rolaids product, 72-160 ct. or 12 oz liquid eCoupon
$1 off Sara Lee snacks, 10 oz + eCoupon
$5/3 Slimfast product eCoupon
.50/1 Suave Men body wash, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Suave Naturals or Kids body wash, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Tabasco pepper sauce eCoupon
$1/2 Tai Pei reg or Asian Garden single serve entrees, max 14.2 oz eCoupon
.50/1 The Original Soupman heat and serve soup, 17 or 17.3 oz eCoupon
.35/1 Treasure Cave cheese eCoupon
$1 off Unisom sleep aid eCoupon
$1/5 Yoplait Greek yogurt eCoupon
.40/6 Yoplait yogurt cups eCoupon
$1 off Yuban coffee k-cups, 12 ct. eCoupon
$1 off Zico product, 1 L eCoupon


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