Thursday, November 2, 2017

CUTE tunic dress!

Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa 6.54 or less

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Airwalks Fidget Spinner - My Review

I did it, I got a Fidget Spinner. Why? Well I heard it was this craze that has kind of gotten out of control. I've also heard the controversy about them being used as toys as opposed to therapy items for those with autism or anxiety. Initially these were created as a therapy tool and they have since turned into a toy for the masses. I have anxiety, so it is not really a toy for me; I also have a daughter with ADD so that's my excuse for ordering it.

I'd never held one and I'll tell you what they aren't cheap quality at all. They are plastic, this one is anyway, and has metal balls in the tip of the stars. The balls rotate around a center piece that you hold on to. You can keep the momentum going by moving your hand or flicking it. I understand you can do some really cool tricks with these spinners, but I am not that advanced. I was able to pick it right up and start using it so the learning curve isn't very difficult.

I then showed my four year old who told me the "people in my tablet on YouTube have these," and he was occupied for a good five minutes. Mesmerized by the spinning. Anyone with an active four year old can appreciate that five minute span. I also let my sixteen year old daughter who is clinically diagnosed with attention deficit disorder use the spinner. She'd seen it around school and heard the craze, but hadn't used one. She insisted she wasn't mesmerized, but she played with it for about 20 minutes while scrolling on her phone.

Overall for my first spinner, this rocked, and gave me 5 minutes of peace from my four year old; win win in my book. Will I google all the possible tricks? Nah, but it's a pretty neat little tool.

You can get this one here on Amazon for just $15.99

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pumpndo - A hands free pumping device for any pumping mom #pumping #pumpndo #breastfeeding #nursing

As a woman who has had to pump breastmilk for my child I understand the struggle of holding the pumping pieces to me while pumping and having no free hands for anything. Luckily the Pumpndo is here and can truly save your sanity when it comes to getting anything done.

It is a fabric device that connects directly to your nursing bra or cami with the universal clips. Also has an adapter to connect to any bra or cami so you don't necessarily need a nursing one with the clips. The Pumpndo comes in three sizes, 1 - 3, to fit virtually any size chest. Also, you can get the extenders to go with your Pumpndo that help women who have an oversupply or a F size or larger breast and might need a little more room while pumping. Not only does the Pumpndo hold the pumping parts in place for you it keeps your "girls" discreet so they aren't just out for anyone to see.

This is truly a must-have for any mom who pumps and for the price, it's a great buy also!

Check out the Pumpndo here!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

DJ Disco LED Lights - Check this out

Disco DJ Lights for just $13.99 on Amazon - A fully programmable DJ disco light. Compact design, fits right in your hand. Has a remote that is beyond simple to use. Programming the device to play in tune to your music is a matter of two buttons. The LED lights are ridiculously bright making this great for any room or small party area.

Video showing music ability 

Video discussing product

Monday, May 15, 2017

Memorial Day Sale $175 Off Mattresses

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Friday, May 5, 2017

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